School Data

Measuring quality of arts education in schools

The Arts for All School Arts Survey tracks student access to, and quality of arts instruction in LA County schools. The survey is part of a data collection and reporting system created to help school districts assess the status of their school arts programs based on 16 indicators of quality, access and equity. The results have shed light on issues of inequity in the region. 

Five Arts for All school districts, selected based on demonstrated interest, location, size and demographics, participated in 2009-10 in the pilot survey: Burbank, Culver City, Montebello, Paramount, and Santa Monica-Malibu unified school districts. A total of 92 schools completed the survey, with a 97% response rate across the five districts. The Quality-Access Equity report contains complete survey results and observations.

A summary of key findings from the 2009-10 and 2011-12 survey correlates poverty and access to high quality arts education across 23 school districts. As of June 2014, data has been collected at over 376 schools in 31 school districts.

Correlation between poverty and access to high quality arts education
in Arts for All school districts a
s measured by the School Arts Survey

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