Arts education service providers can apply to be included in these searchable databases that are available to teachers and administrators in Los Angeles County representing 1.6 million K-12 students who would benefit from your artistic expertise. There is no cost to be included in the databases but you do have to apply to be considered.

Programs for Students: Includes more than 250 arts education field trips, performances, residencies and workshops. New programs are added via peer review panels. The next application round will be scheduled during the 2014-15 school year. If you are interested in applying, please consider sharing your contact information and we will alert you directly of the application period announcement. Consider reviewing the former Application Guidelines now to learn about the required supplemental materials.

Programs for Educators: Providers of high quality arts education professional development for K-12 educators.  Applications for listing new programs are accepted bi-annually.  The next application will open during the 2014-15 school year. Consider reviewing the former Application Guidelines to prepare for the next application round.    


Programs for Educators: Search the directory for opportunities designed for Teaching Artists and Arts Administrators.

Arts for All’s Teaching Artist Training Program is on hiatus while being redesigned. Upcoming opportunities will be shared here in the future. 

Designing the Arts Learning Community is an online interactive handbook to support educators and artists to come together to examine and improve arts education practices. You can reflect on your professional development goals, learn new strategies and explore existing arts learning communities.

Learning/Sharing Knowledge

Teaching Artist Support Collaborative (TASC), a Community of Practice for teaching artists and the organizations that hire them, builds public awareness for the value and role of teaching artists in the community, shares best practices and resources for delivering quality arts education experiences and advocates for the professional status of teaching artists. Sign up for a free membership.

Models and Materials Database: Research strategic plans for school districts in the Arts for All network so you can align your programming with their goals. Share lesson plans, curriculum maps, collaborative models, rubrics or toolkits with your peers; click here to submit online materials.

Visual and Performing Arts Standards (VAPA) are set by the California State Board of Education and your programs should align with them. You also can connect your programs with the English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math or Science standards as well.


Arts for LA helps mobilize parents and community members into arts advocates who take an active role in shaping and supporting the arts programs in their schools. Interested in joining an advocacy team in your local school district?  Click here. You can also visit the Campaign page to learn more about current Arts Education campaigns, or check out all arts education content here.

Keep Informed

Sign up for the Arts Education Roundtable Listserv, an online forum through Yahoo Groups with close to 800 members that alerts you to job opportunities and events in the Los Angeles County arts education community. Subscribe by emailing: arts_ed_roundtable-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.