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The critical role of artists and the arts community in arts education

Schools have been challenged for the past 30 years to provide dance, music, theater and visual arts education to all students. Institutions of higher education have also struggled to incorporate the Visual and Performing Arts into pre-service training of teachers. During this time artists and arts organizations became invaluable providers of arts education in the schools. Arts for All recognizes their critical role and has engaged them as partners in the collaboration from the beginning. The dynamic created by professional artists working with generalist and arts teachers to achieve a shared vision can elevate the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Through Arts for All, artists and arts organizations can access tools, forums and programs to build the knowledge and skills needed to partner with schools.

Arts education service providers can apply to be included in the Programs for Students and/or the Programs for Educators. Inclusion in the directories puts you and your organization in touch with 94,000 Los Angeles County teachers. These directories are just the start of opportunities for artists and arts organizations.

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Photo: Residency Grant Program - Inner City Arts at Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District